Nonlinear Aeroelasticity: Optimal Design under Uncertainty.

This research focuses on the development of a methodology for the reliability-based design optimization (RBDO) of nonlinear aeroelastic problems. The foundation of the methodology is the construction of explicit flutter and subcritical limit cycle oscillations (LCO) boundaries in terms of the design variables. The boundaries, generated using a Support Vector Machine (SVM), can then be used to efficiently evaluate probabilities of failure and solve an RBDO problem.

Example of discontinuous oscillation amplitude for a small change of stiffness (sub-critical LCO). Two dofs system with cubic pich and plunge stiffnesses.

The following figure provides an example of application of the methodology to a two degree-of-freedom airfoil (pitch and plunge) with nonlinear stiffnesses. The figure depicts the explicit boundary for subcritical LCO as a function of the angle of attack and the cubic stiffness coefficients in pitch and plunge. The boundary can be efficiently included in a RBDO problem.

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